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Posted by Karl Krukow - January 15, 2013

Intensive Calabash Training

LessPainful offers a number of services to support the Calabash project. One of the most popular services has been on-site training for companies adopting Calabash. However, until now these courses have been on-site and for single companies only.

We’ll now run our first public training course, which will be held in London on February 11th-12th. To get the most effective training, we’ll accept at most 15 participants so reserve your spot now! To register, please use London training registration form.

Although the first course is in London, we’d be interested in hearing from you if you’d like to attend training, but cannot make it to London. If you prefer a different location or time for the next training let us know by mailing to LessPainful Contact.

Benefits of Training

Learning a new technology on your own can be time-consuming, and it’s always hard to know if you’re doing it right! Calabash is a powerful tool, but different ways of using it lead to different degrees of success. Advanced topics such as structuring for cross-platform testing, using the query language effectively, and testing hybrid apps can be hard to learn on your own.

The Calabash training will be taught by the creators of Calabash, and we have several years experience with mobile testing and development. The training is centered around guided hands-on exercises to ensure you are able to use the tool efficiently in practice. We’ve developed the course based on our experiences running successful on-site private courses. The material has been expanded to cover the latest development, e.g., query support on Android and UIAutomation support on iOS.

The courses is two full days, and we will cover a basic introduction to Ruby and Cucumber, although the main focus on Calabash Android and Calabash iOS.

Please see the London training registration form for a more complete agenda!

Hope to see you there!

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