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Posted by Karl Krukow - December 13, 2012

Call for JVM-support Sponsorships


In June we started a survey of interest in Java/JVM support for writing and executing Calabash tests. In the last 6 months we’ve been speaking at conferences and talking to customers, and JVM support has been a recurring feature request. Our survey for JVM support has now been answered by a number of larger companies all positive around sponsoring JVM support.

So now is the time!


We now have sufficient interest from several larger companies that need JVM support and have indicated interest in sponsoring the development effort.

We’ve estimated a total cost of $10.000 for us for this development effort. LessPainful itself will sponsor 25% of the effort since it benefits Calabash — this leaves $7500 that we need to find.

Benefits for sponsors

  • Of course, using Java for writing Calabash tests is the most obvious benefit.

  • All sponsors have the option of having their logo added as a sponsor to the Calabash landing page (http://calaba.sh).

  • All sponsors have the option of being mentioned (including the amount sponsored) in an appreciation blog post and tweets by @lesspainful.

  • Any special JVM feature requests are possible and will be seriously considered for sponsors.

Please let us know if you want to contribute to this effort.


Deadline for accepting is December 21st 2012 (if you want to sponsor but cannot fully confirm by 21st, let us know, and we will figure something out).

Please contact contact@lesspainful.com to become a sponsor.

After the deadline we will post here whether or not the goal has been reached.

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